Spring Refresh Tips
Well, it's that time of the year again. Our neighborhood is going to be front and center for our annual Open Garden Day. Hundreds of people will be visiting some of our beautiful gardens and enjoying a stroll up and down our street. This is a great time to consider sprucing up your own yard. In that spirit, we have some garden tips for you, so your garden can shine, even if your home is not on the tour. Second only to October, April is the busiest month in the garden. With the warm weather on the horizon, almost any plant you can think of (except tropicals - it's still too soon) can be planted this month.
  • Permanent landscape plants and shrubs
  • Trees
  • Summer vegetables
  • Citrus
  • Warm-season annuals
Your favorite local nurseries are stocking up on all the plant material you will need this Spring. This is a good time to give the soil a boost by adding organic material and compost. Don't worry about fertilizer just yet, that's later this month. You're not ready to plan anything that loves warm weather. There are plenty of local nurseries that can guide you. If gardening isn't your thing, wake up your front door and shutters with a bright coat of paint. Paint is only about $25 per gallon, and painting the front door, trim and shutters is a great way to polish the look of your home. Put shine in your curb appeal. Clean your windows and screens. You can even power wash your driveway or hire someone to do it! Have fun and happy gardening! Other inexpensive fix-ups:
  • a new mailbox
  • a new porch light fixture
  • a fresh new wreath for your door
  • a cheery new welcome mat
  • a new door knocker


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